"We are driven by faith, taught by experience, moving forward with passion to empower you to become the best version of yourself and live out your purpose, accomplish your goals, and live a life of love, trust, and gratitude."

-------- Rance and Sonia

                                   ABOUT RANCE AND SONIA


RANCE MOLITOR AND SONIA RODRIGUEZ-MOLITOR, founders of El Paso Personal Trainers, Inc (EPPT, Inc) are expert coaches and trainers in the fitness/wellness and personal/professional management industry. They work closely with individuals and corporations to attain achievement in different areas.

This power couple have been working together since 1994 building businesses in the El Paso, Texas area and world-wide. In working with so many people through the years, the needs of individuals has become obvious to them. Rance and Sonia have a passion for empowering individuals to become the best version of themselves by focusing and attaining success in the many areas of the Wellness Wheel. Their passion for God, people, and purpose is felt through their coaching practice. It's their mission to help individuals live out their purpose, accomplish their goals, and live a life of love, trust, and gratitude. Read their story below.

  A Message From Rance and Sonia

We are excited for you to start your journey on becoming

the best version of yourself!   We welcome you to our

community and look forward to coaching you in the

area of the wellness  you desire to improve. 

We want to share our story so you know where our

hearts are and understand our passion in coaching 

you through your journey.   This is our story.  We began

our fitness and wellness company in 1991. Through the

years, we have worked diligently to be successful and have

helped many people in our community achieve health and

wellness. Through those years, we like everyone else, have

experienced life’s challenges. Through those challenges we

have grown and gained a deeper understanding of  the

importance of having balance in your life.  We also have

learned that attaining health and wellbeing takes much more

than working out and eating right.  We realize your entire

Wellness Wheel must be balanced in order to have a true

synergy between the mind, body, and spirit.  When one area of

your life is out of balance the others are affected. This can lead

to anxiety, stress, weight gain, weight loss, unhappiness, 

sleep deprivation, dissatisfaction in life, lack of purpose, discouragement, apathy, fear, and doubt. 

You can take control of your health and wellness and start making decisions to make changes! Our coaching practice provides you with many platforms to choose from. You may be interested in many areas of the Wellness Wheel or just one area: Intellectual, Career, Physical Fitness, Social, Spiritual, Emotional,  and/or Financial. We look forward to coaching  you through your journey and guiding you to build a life God intended you to live. 

We thank you for  allowing us to be part of your journey!  We look forward to your next session with us.

In Health,

Rance And Sonia

Rance Molitor

Rance Molitor is the co-founder and President of El Paso Personal Trainers, Incorporated. Rance has a background in sales that spans over 45 years and has owned several businesses throughout his career. He has been successful in the fields of commodity trading, franchise start-ups and operations, insurance, direct sales, real estate, fitness, and wellness. He also has over 26 years of experience as a speaker, trainer and coach for individuals and companies in the areas of fitness, wellness, finances, achievement, business development, and personal development, and behavioral change.

In 1991, he founded Personal Trainers of El Paso and is one of El Paso's pioneers in the personal training industry. He then met his wife, Sonia Rodriguez, and they established El Paso Personal Trainers, Incorporated in 1994. He has made several apperances on local television stations in El Paso such as KVIA and KTSM.  For several years he was the guest host for a successful morning fitness show on KTSM and KVIA. Rance has been a certified personal Trainer since 1991, a registered massage therapist since 1992, and a comprehensively certified Pilates Instructor with since 1995. 

Rance's strongest entrepreneurial attributes is that he is a self starter, highly motivated, and great with people!  Through the years he has developed the skill of coaching others and instilling value in their lives. Along with His wife, Sonia Rodriguez-Molitor, they not only inspire and encourage their clients, but teach them to grow their potential in order to achieve. 


Today, El Paso Personal Trainers, Incorporated has grown into a training and coaching company. The mission of the company is to help individuals and companies grow in the areas of Personal Achievement, Fitness and Wellness, and Financial Freedom. Group coaching and personalized coaching are offered to businesses and individuals with several coaching platforms to choose from. Rance and Sonia have developed these platforms to bring their experiences and professional abilities to the world.

Sonia Rodriguez-Molitor

Sonia Rodriguez-Molitor is a co-founder and vice-president of El Paso Personal Trainers, Incorporated.  Sonia has over 25 years of experience in coaching individuals in the areas of fitness, wellness, finances, business development, achievement, and personal development, and behavioral change.


Sonia  holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science with a minor in Dance from Texas Woman's University (magna cum laude). She also earned a Masters in Business Administration with honors from the University of Phoenix. 

In 1994, Sonia joined her first business venture with Rance Molitor. Sonia and Rance then married in 1996. Together they developed a success personal training and wellness center, El Paso Personal Trainer's, Incorporated. Her company has been given recognition many times in the El Paso Times and El Paso, Inc. In 2004, the El Paso Times named her one of the "Top 50 Most Successful Entrepreneurs Under 40 Years of Age".

Their local success then catepolted Sonia into an international career specifically in the Pilates sector of the fitness industry.  She has traveled internationally teaching courses and workshops in Mexico, Europe, Japan, and South America. She is given credit as a contributing author and developer  for Pilates courses, workshops, and manuals for Peak Pilates and Mad Dogg Athletics. She also co-authored and developed the certification and manual for Bodyblade. Sonia also managed for both Mad Dogg Athletics and Bodyblade.

Currently, she is still involved in the fitness and wellness industry. She currently owns, operates, and teaches at Pilates International in El Paso, Texas. In 2010, she applied her business background and international business experience and expanded her company. El Paso Personal Trainers, Incorporated has grown into a training and coaching company. The mission on the company is to help individuals and companies grow in the areas of Personal Achievement, Fitness and Wellness, and Financial Freedom. Group coaching and personalized coaching are offered to businesses and individuals with several coaching platforms to choose from.





Rance: 915-588-1439

Sonia: 915-588-1468 

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