"Your body is your temple. Nourish 

it and exercise, then use it for good works."

                                                           -- Rance and Sonia




Living a successful life, is not measured solely by your financial statements. It's important to also focus on your fitness, health, life-balance, happiness, and overall wellbeing.  

Rance and Sonia can provide coaching and training in the area of fitness and wellness. They have over 30 years of experience helping individuals meet their goals. Rance and Sonia are both certified Pilates instructors, massage therapist, personal trainers, and achievement coaches. They own a Pilates and wellness studio in El Paso, Texas known as, Pilates International. 

Contact Rance and Sonia to set-up a free consultation to discuss your health, wellness, and fitness goals.  They will design a personalized program just for you. 

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